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Dating Frequently asked questions

The following is a list of general How to's and most frequently asked questions at You can go back to FAQ main page by clicking here

  1. How to become a member?
  2. How to login to the site?
  3. How to create my profile?

    Your profile is the gateway to online dating. Sound profile management is very important in meeting potential desirable matches. When you create your profile, it gives you the opportunity to express yourselves, as well as set the preferences for the person you are looking for. As soon as you become a member, you have the opportunity to create your profile.

    1. You have the following 7 pages that you can use to fill information about yourself
      1. Appearance
      2. Sports I like
      3. Activities
      4. My Interests
      5. My LifeStyle
      6. Education and Profession
      7. My Ethnicity
    2. You have the following 7 pages that you can use to fill information about your partner
      1. Appearance
      2. Ethnic Profile
      3. Religion Profile
      4. Profession Profile
      5. My date’s lifestyle
      6. My date’s status
      7. Own Opinion
  4. How to update my profile?
  5. How to upload a picture?
  6. How to make a picture my profile picture?
  7. How to change my profile picture?
  8. What is My Album pictures?
  9. Do I need to pay anything for the services?
  10. How to chat with other members?
  11. Having trouble to login to the site?
  12. How do I retrieve my password?
  13. How do I change my UserName, Password, Email and City/State/Country information?
  14. How do I send a message or a smile to other members?
  15. How do I read the messages or smiles left by other members?
  16. How to delete a message?
  17. Is there a listing of members that I viewed?
  18. Is there a listing of members who viewed my profile?
  19. How to block other members?
  20. What is my "Blocked List"?
  21. How do I add members to my "Hot List"?
  22. What is my "Hot List"?
  23. Reporting Inappropriate behaviour?
  24. Taking a break from dating?
  25. Making my profile private.
  26. Reactivating your profile?
  27. How to permanently delete my profile?

Become a member of today, and join our rapidly growing community. provides the following services free of cost to the members:-

  • Members can view and communicate with any member.
  • Members can chat with other members.
  • Members can leave unlimited text messages and smiles to other members.
  • Members can create hot list of their favourite members.
  • Members have access to a pool of dating advice and articles.

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