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Dating Long Distance

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Not everyone is cut out for long distance dating, but for better or worse, many people find themselves interested in or even in love with a person who lives far away. Maybe your friend convinced you to sign up for a free online dating site and, even though you didn't think you would, you actually found someone special; the only problem is that they live in another state. Or maybe you met this person while they were in town on business or vacation, and in that short amount of time, you can tell this is something worthwhile. No matter how it happened, you are in a tough situation that requires some hard work and a lot of commitment.

Long distance relationships are difficult no matter how you cut it. Not getting to be with that special person every day, or even on a weekly basis, can put serious stress on both of you that can be the downfall of your romance, but only if you let it. A great, long distance relationship is not impossible by any means; you just have to be willing to be creative and available.

Here are some ideas to help you have a fun, romance filled long distance relationship that works for both of you.

Don't Play the Guessing Game

If you both want to be together, then make it official. Long distance dating is confusing enough without the uncertainty of not knowing what your title is. Decide to be in an exclusive relationship, and then say so. This will keep your long distance dating free of insecurity and not knowing, which would only hurt the foundation of trust that is so important in long distance relationships.

Have Trips To Look Forward To

If you are in a long distance relationship, then you are already committed to traveling back and forth to see each other. It can be as often as you wish or are financially capable of, but always have at least a weekend trip planned in advance so that you both have something to look forward to. It's like giving yourself a cheat day during a diet. It makes the whole thing a little easier to bear if there's a reward in sight. And if you find it hard to travel all the way to each other, meeting at a halfway point can be a fun and exciting solution.

Take Advantage of Technology

These days, there are so many ways to communicate with one other that you can almost be in constant contact. Text each other sweet things throughout the day and send pictures often. Set Skype dates to watch movies, cook dinner together or even just to talk. Talking on the phone can quickly become monotonous for many people, so it's important to mix up your mode of communication.

Write Letters & Send Packages

Take advantage of the distance between the two of you and use this opportunity to be romantic in an old school way. Writing letters to each other will become an exciting event to look forward to, and it allows you to express yourself in a way you normally don't when speaking with someone in real time. Send little packages and let your partner know you are thinking of them. It doesn't have to be big; even a little trinket will bring romance and excitement into their day knowing that you took the time to do something just for them.

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