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Torn between two lovers

torn between two lovers

A love triangle is the favourite storyline for any movie, novel or sitcom. Even articles on dating websites speak of this. For some reason, for every relationship to be interesting to talk about, there has to be that third party that would cause some sort of trouble between the couple. Why do people cheat? Can people really fall in love with two people at the same time? How does it end? These are some questions that run through your head when you hear the song, "Torn Between Two Lovers"

Why do people cheat?

Well, even though you are madly in love with someone and you are sure that you've found your miss or Mr. Right, there are factors and events that can make you doubt these feelings as time goes by. Some people who are very keen on looks, and are attracted to the physical traits first usually wander off when their lover begins to gain weight or begin to neglect their looks when they get too comfortable with their partner.

You too may forget that pajamas are not as appealing or sexy as the nighties you used to sleep in. Grooming should not just be done when you are going out on a date but instead, you should look and smell good even when you are at home. Sexy should always be your middle name. Remember, at work there are a lot of younger well groomed and dressed up people that could catch your lover's eye and they may flirt with your lover. He or she should be able to look and say, "That's nice, but I have someone so much better waiting at home" instead of saying "Wow that's hot! I wish my lover looked that good", if he or she would even remember you at all at moments like that.

I know it sounds shallow but it's true, the visual counts a lot. So if you are the one who is already having an affair, ask yourself, "Am I cheating just because of physical attraction?"

Another aspect that confuses a lover is neglect. When you begin to forget anniversaries or when you get too busy to spend time to talk or to get intimate with your lover, then problems will surely arise. Suspicion will grow and eventually, when someone else gives your lover the things that you fail to do for him or her then you just might be in trouble. On the other hand, if you are the "Cheat" ask yourself, "Do I really love my other lover or am I just cheating because he or she fills my needs?"

Can you love two people at the same time?

It is not possible to love two people at the same time... Not on the same level, at least. Affairs are usually brought about by passionate love. This is a reckless kind of love that usually forgets to listen to logic or reason. Very strong infatuation moves these forbidden lovers and the secrecy adds excitement to the secret affair. This is the perfect example of the line "it's so wrong but it feels so right" Well, it's just like eating chocolates even if you knew that the big cavity you have will hurt like crazy afterwards.

How does it end?

We all know the saying "where there is smoke, there is fire." The longer you keep your secret affair, the more likely you will be caught cheating by your partner. Eventually you have to accept the fact that you are bound to lose one of them or worse you just might lose both your lovers. The question is, who can you afford to live without?

Being torn between two lovers may seem like an exciting situation, but let's have a reality check. Before you jump into cheating, ask yourself, did I do my best to make my relationship work? Is it worth hurting my partner to get involved with someone else? Do I still love my partner? If you answer "No" to any of these questions then you better think twice before cheating.

One more thing to consider, in case you realize you no longer love your partner, don't you think it would be fairer to break off from your current relationship before starting a new one. This saves everyone from all the ugly deceit and guilt that an affair can bring. Besides, your partner may find happiness in someone else too; the kind of happiness that you both deserve. Still, if you truly are meant to be together, fate will find a way to bring you back in each other's arms. They say love is lovelier the second time around.