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How to Date after 40

As you reach your 40's and beyond, you may begin to wonder what dating now looks like for you? Does dating have to change once you reach your more mature years? Is it acceptable to date the way younger people do, i.e. by meeting people in bars or through online dating sites? What is the best way to pursue a relationship now that you are middle aged and have a whole life's experience under your belt? Well, if you are like many in the baby boomer generation, you aren't going to give up your "youth" and everything that goes with it, including an exciting dating life, just because of the date on your driver's license.

An article published by the New York Times in 2009 the night before the oldest of the baby boom generation turned 65 notes that this group of people is now "redefining what it means to be older". There are more ways to hold onto your youth than there have ever been from Botox to health crazes that promise to keep you looking young and feeling like you're 20, but it's not only appearance and physicality that matter. People in their 40's and beyond don't want to let go of their lifestyle's either and they don't have to. So, in the spirit of not giving up, here are some tips on dating over 40.

Be Yourself

Whether you are dating as a single parent or dating after a divorce, or maybe you are simply still dating after a lifetime of it, own who you are and what you've been through. You don't have to try to be someone else or what you think a potential partner is looking for. You are mature enough to not mess around with the dating games of ego and insecurity, so just be yourself and let who you really are be the selling point.

Don't Over Think It

It's not brain surgery, although it might feel just as life changing – it's just a date! Although it probably feels like you are running out of time and you want to get it right as soon as possible, don't over think every date you go on. The amount of time it takes to get to know the person you're dating doesn't change with age, so just sit back and enjoy the process. Dating should always be an enjoyable experience, so relax, have fun and don't worry about what will come out of it. If it's right, things will progress naturally.

Trust Tried and True Dating Techniques

Dating, to put it as simply as you can, is just getting to know someone, and the way you get to know someone doesn't suddenly change at 12:01 AM on your 40th birthday, so you can breathe easy. There are many ways to date that have proved successful and positive, so take advantage of the best free dating sites and the recommendations of friends to find potential dating partners. Do something as simple as going out for your morning coffee instead of staying in. Look at what others have done to successfully meet someone and follow suit.

Reconsider Old Ties

I'm sure you have a friend or family member or you've at least of heard of someone who rekindled an old school romance or a first love later in life. Go to reunions or events with people from your past. You might be surprised to discover that those old ties are still strong and compelling.

Value Your Experience

In other words, let your grown up self do the picking. You no longer need to discover what you want in your partner; you have been through relationships and maybe even marriage, and you know what you do and don't want. So, don't fall for the same kind of person you wasted time on when you were young. Listen to what you have learned and pick someone who is worthy of your grown up self.

Don't Give Up!

Don't let the uncertainty of dating life discourage you from whole heartedly looking for a partner. Dating after 40 can be just as much fun and just as life enriching as dating at a younger age. So, don't let others or even your inner voice tell you that it's too late or too hard. Don't give up on dating because of your age. You are more equipped to find the love of your life now than ever before.