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HimHerDating.com is a free online dating site. We are proud to provide online dating services to men seeking women and women seeking men. Hundreds of singles join our free online dating site every day. Here we provide online dating articles and update our dating blog to address our members online dating related questions. We encourage you to join our 100% free online dating site if you have not become a member yet.

Creating a profile on free online dating site

In this world of internet evolution, free online dating is a great way to inspire yourself to date people you may not otherwise have a chance to meet in life. Free online dating services at www.himherdating.net provides opportunity to connect to hundreds if not thousands of potential dating partners. HimHerDating.com is a free online dating site to meet single women and single men looking for friendship and love. Create your dating profile and meet local singles from your area.

Your profile is the gateway to online dating. Sound profile management is very important in meeting potential desirable matches. Simple steps like checking your spelling, posting a good photo, and keeping the information concise and upbeat can be the difference between someone following up with you or clicking on someone else's profile.

Constructing your online dating profile

Essential Dos and Don'ts

  • If you are too shy to include a picture upfront, then make it clear that you will offer a photo if you feel a connection with someone who writes to you. Just be aware, however that many- if not most- online dating singles will not even consider a profile if it lacks a photo.
  • You may have an adorable pet, but it's better to stay solo in your profile picture.
  • Resist the urge to post too many photos showing you in different roles. Otherwise, you will overwhelm your audience, who won't have a clue which photo best captures you. The rule is to post a couple of photos- ideally one close-up and one full-body shot.
  • Upload your photos as much as possible and reasonable. We encourage you to include pictures from your recent vacation.
  • Avoid having a username with all the numbers and letters jumbled together. It should be simple, sweet and easy to remember.
  • The greeting line should answer the basic question such as "What am I looking for?"
  • Be concise and specific to capture the reader's interest. For example, instead of saying "I love outdoors", mention the outdoor activity that you enjoy. Instead of saying "I love to travel", mention your latest travel trip.
  • Have someone else (preferably of opposite sex) proof read your profile to make sure it flows, highlights your best qualities, and is free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Lying about your relationship, age, height, the way you currently look is not good, since a big part of dating is about expectations.
  • Fill as much information as you can. Use the drop down menus and the text boxes provided in your profile. Make sure your profile is at least 80% complete.