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How Boys can feel Sexy

The term "sexy" used to be for the girls only. But as time went on, men have been called "sexy" as well. And when girls think "Sexy man" they begin to imagine Brad Pitt, Zack Efron or the Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner. Men may ask..."How can we live up to that?" Well, if you are thinking of "sexy" in that perspective, you better hit the gym and start pumping iron. But even if you have a buff body, you still can't feel sexy unless you yourself believe that you are sexy. Psychological research has shown that being sexy comes from within. It is a matter of training your mind to be sexy before everything else follows.Feeling Sexy is a state of mind. No wonder the brain is called the biggest sex organ of the body. The team of experts at the free online dating site www.himherdating.net researched on this topic and composed a list of tips for all online singles dating free, men looking for women and single boys looking for date, love and romance. Here are some excerpts from the research, to help you get that sexy feeling.

Single women like confident men

Men are usually concerned about how their friends think about them. They are controlled by what is acceptable to the environment he is in. Because of this, he is forced to conform and do what others do. Well, it's time to stand up for you and be yourself. Girls like it when boys act like they don't care. They take notice of men who break away from the natural flow of things to be able to express themselves freely. As long as you know that what you are doing is right and it is who you really are...be that guy. Stop worrying about what other people have to say. You know yourself best and you have your own personality. Show it.

See yourself as sexy person

It would also help to start living a healthy lifestyle. Begin eating right and start working out. As you begin to see improvements in your physique, this will help you see yourself as the sexy person that you are.

Single girls like Cool Boys

Confidence is one thing, but being cool is another story. Many associate the word "cool" to having the James Dean bad boy look. But being cool is far more than that. It is being confident (as I mentioned earlier), and having a certain calmness in every situation. Avoid getting stressed or panicky when facing a task or problem. Slow and sure movements are sexy and the girls will be running to you for help.

Be Yummy for Your Date

Now that the girls will be going near you, you have to make sure that they will want to stay near you. First things first, always take a bath. Every part of your body should smell nice and clean. Groom yourself. Style your hair and shave. If you are growing a beard, mustache or goatee, make sure you don't look like a hobo. Dress up as if you were going on a date. You'll never know who you might meet and ask out very soon. Bottom line is, if you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, it radiates from your personality, and this gets you noticed by the ladies.

Be Flirty and funny on Your Date/h2>

Humour is a very important factor to being sexy. Your ability to make her laugh is as important as your ability to seduce the girl. Many women may find a guy sexy at first then get bored of the conversation and leave. So start watching some chick flicks and catch some clever ways to make a girl laugh. Of course, keep your jokes classy and flirty to avoid you looking more like a clown than her sexy man. The art of flirting takes time to learn but by constant practice, you will get it.

Believe you are Sexy

Lastly, before you get anyone to think you are sexy, you have to believe it first. Get in touch with your sexuality and be open to the things you that you like about girls. Tell a girl (politely) the things you find attractive about her and she just might return the compliment. Remember, do not lie. Just be honest to yourself and especially to the women. Be confident about casual conversations about your love life and sex life. If you can speak openly about these things, that means you are comfortable with your sexuality. I'm sure; some girl is bound to find you sexy.