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Signs That She Likes You

body language
Unlike men, women are very hard to read when it comes to attraction. There are the rare few who are frank and would let you know what they are thinking upfront. But speaking in general, women are a bit more pretentious than men. They can smile through a terrible date, and the man won't even suspect that he will never hear from her ever again. It may be tricky but there are ways to be able to tell if a girl likes you or not. Let us read the signs shall we?

She seems happy when with you

When a girl laughs at your jokes it's either you are a good comedian or she is attracted to you. A constant sweet smile when she is with you shows that she is happy to be near you and she enjoys your company. Girls who like a certain boy would also usually initiate the teasing. She would offer challenges and games to get the boy's attention. A bit of flirty and funny sarcasm in her conversation also shows she wants you to think she is smart and witty so you would like her too.

She touches

A girl who isn't interested in you wouldn't touch you at all. She wouldn't want to give you the wrong impression that she likes you. So when a girl does touch you, it means something more. Whether it is to fix your sleeve or simply hitting you lightly after a joke, the fact that she made physical contact means she wants to be near you. Her touch can also be an invitation for you to get closer.

She's interested

A girl who may be attracted to you would ask questions like "Are you married?" Or "Do you have a girlfriend?" Men who hear this automatically assume that these questions are a come on or a form of flirting ...most of the time, they are right. If a girl asks questions about you then she wants to get to know you more. That is definitely one of the signs that she likes you. Sometimes, they ask you about your dating habits or what are things you like about a girl. Another obvious sign is if she asks about your previous (if not current) girlfriend or girlfriends. The moment a girl touches the topic about love or dating then it definitely shows her intentions for you.

For those who have met on online dating websites, it is through these questions of interest that show just how much a girl likes you; the more personal the questions, the better.

Her body language says so

There are certain moves that girls do which easily translate that she likes you. This kind of body languagecommunicates the feelings of a woman even without her saying it. A girl who makes eye contact with a boy definitely signifies that she wants him to come near her. The hair flipping together with a smile and a glance is definitely an invitation too. Standing really close to a boy and touching him means that the girl is attracted to him physically. A constant smile (as I've said earlier) is also a clear sign that she likes him.

She compliments you

Girls are aware of man's ego and know how to boost that. If she likes you, she would one way or the other compliment you within a conversation. Another form of indirect compliment is when a girl agrees with you with almost everything you say. By doing this, she begins to build rapport with you and you will definitely feel the chemistry between the two of you.

She plays helpless damsel

One way for women to get the attention of a man she likes is to ask for help from him. Whether it is to fix her car or reach for something up on a shelf, she likes the fact that she can get him to obey. Some also pretend not to be good at something and ask for the guy to teach her. This is an invitation to spend more time with her so you could get to know each other more.

She calls you a player

Some women challenge men they like by calling them a player. She would describe the guy as a flirt or someone who dates around. This challenges the boy to prove he is not. Or if he is someone used to these small talks, he would play along and start flirting with her.

She gives you her number

Lastly, for those first time meetings, the one true and simple sign that a girl likes you is when she gives you her telephone number. Some girls do this to be polite to their date, and the guy ends up calling a bogus number. So if she gives you her number and she is the one who answers when you call, she definitely likes you and would want to get to know you better.

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