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How to meet an Online Dating Boyfriend

Women have been seeking love online for decades now. Men who were never really serious about finding a relationship online have fooled many of them. Women have long been trying to find a way to determine how to tell a keeper from a player on online dating sites.

Online Dating Guide

Online Dating Guide author KAYLEEN SCHAEFER shared her simple and smart steps to find an online dating boyfriend. She shares her expertise on how to seal the deal instead of paying for monthly fees on online sites that really don't work for you. This online dating guide for women has been featured on Elle Magazine as well and has gotten good reviews and feedback from its readers.

Play the Field

Kayleen Schaefer advices women seeking love online to play the field and join as many online dating sites they can find. This gives them a chance to explore their options a lot more. And more men seeking women through online dating sites will also see them. No one knows whom we are meant to be with. You also don't know which online dating site Mr. Right might want to join so we better make sure we are visible to him.

Jazz up your Profile

Your online dating profile is a chance to present yourself. It can make or break your chances to find love so you have to know how to make a good profile. Remember to keep it simple. Less is more. Do not share too much information because it is dangerous and attracts the wrong kind of attention. All online dating sites have a personal message service that those interested can use to contact you. You don't want spam emails or texts from weirdos now, do you? Keep your personal description simple and honest. Don't compliment yourself too much or make very long descriptions because you might end up looking boring to men. Also, your user name has to inspire those who see it to click on your profile.

Profile Photo Magic

Online dating guide instructs its readers to upload three photos, specifically a close-up, a full-length and an action shot. Make sure to be as natural as possible on your photos. Never overdo your hair and make-up. To get the right effect, it is best to ask a professional photographer to take your photo. If you are not very keen about fixing yourself, you can also seek help from a stylist. But if budget is a problem, a simple snap shot from your phone will do, as long as you look relaxed and very natural in the photos. Never use fake photos or edited photos on your profile. You don't want to disappoint the guy on your first date, do you?

Clear Targets

After you've set up your profile, before looking up the directory of eligible online daters, you have to make a list. Write down the traits of the guys that you prefer to date. Do not write words like "Honest" or "Hard working" because it would be hard to narrow your options down with a list like that. Go for specific words like "Gamer," "Sports buff," "Rocker" or "Nature lover" which are easier tag words that the site can use to track down people with those interests. Deciding your preferences will save you the time of doing trial and error with people who may have nothing in common with you at all. Be smart and know what you want.

Red Flag Awareness

According to the Online Dating Guide, Psychologists at the University of Wisconsin at Madison have listed down some red flag words or warning signs for people who may not be the right one to date. Look out for words like "Pleasurable," "Massage," or "Intimacy" on their profile or on your first personal message to you. These easily translate to weirdo or creep alert. Don't bother writing back to these guys. Also, it has been discovered that men who use less first person pronouns are most likely to lie. Words like "I hate drama" show that the guy is going through a rough time and you may not want to deal with that either. And if you see something like "Ready to move on" means he is not really ready to go on a serious relationship and is in search for a rebound affair. You don't want to be that girl either. Read the book and educate yourself of these words. It may just save you a lot of time and a lot of heart aches as well.

Send Messages

It's a rule to keep your messages simple and short. Around 98 words are enough to get the message through. You should not just wait for men to send you messages all day long. You should reach out to the world and send out messages to the ones you like too. Don't be shy and don't be scared not to get any replies. It's all part of the game of love. And if someone writes you back, don't wait till tomorrow to reply. Do it as soon as you read it. Who knows, he just might be the one you are looking for.