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Signs That He Likes You

Dating signs for her

"Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number...so call me, maybe..." I'm sure you are singing along by now to the tune of "Call Me Maybe" in your head. The success of this upbeat and flirty smash hit by Carly Rae Jepsen, can be due to the many girls who can relate to the story of this song. Most girls are anxious and clueless whether a boy likes them or not, especially if they have just met. It is much more difficult to tell if you met the guy on an online dating site, and you have just met for the very first time. The team of experts at the free online dating site www.himherdating.net composed a list of things for all single women to look for as the sign that your date likes you and is falling for you.

According to the research done by Zick Rubin, a social psychologist, we can empirically measure how much we like and love. It is just a matter of answering the right questions and being observant of how your man behaves. Here are some hints that may mean the guy likes you.

Your Date calls You!

When meeting a guy, it is a bit awkward to give your number and wait at home to see if he would call. Of course, the mere fact that he does call your number means that he is interested and would definitely want to see you again!

Your date is here!

After your first date or a few dates with the guy, you should observe his behaviour. If he pops up at your work place bringing you coffee and donuts, then there is definitely something there. If he drops by your house just to ask you a question or to simply show you a magazine about something you talked about the night before, then he must have been thinking of you and the date you had all night. A boy definitely likes you if he is constantly finding ways and reasons just to see and be with you.

Your Date makes You Smile

When a boy teases, flirts or simply tries to be funny around you then he definitely wants some attention from you. If a guy makes an effort to cheer you up when you seem down, then that is a clear sign that he likes you. Besides, a guy who is into you would always love to see you smile.

Your Dating partner Listens!

Men are easily distracted especially when they are not interested in the topic or the person talking. If your guy stares intently at you as you speak and responds accordingly to the conversation, then congratulations! He is listening to you and that means he is interested to know you better because he likes you.

Your Date Remembers!

It is flattering when a boy remembers the little things about you that you share with him. If a boy remembers your favourite color, your favourite song or even your birthday, then you are a special person to him. Your chemistry with each other made him interested in the things that a common man would have just forgotten.

Your Date misses You!

When you have not kept in touch for some time with a guy and out of the blue he gives you a call or a text asking how you are, then smile because he misses you. Obviously, in your absence he has been thinking about you.

Your Dating partner makes You feel Safe

It is the duty of a man to protect a woman in distress. But when a guy becomes especially protective of a girl then he is definitely showing how special she is to him. He would pick you up from school or work to make sure you get home safely. He gives you his jacket when there is a chill in the air. Girls like this kind of attention and you are definitely lucky if you have a guy who keeps you safe.

Your Date is Falling for You

Lastly, be observant of your conversation with your man. If he talks about future events and activities he plans to partake in and he includes you in the picture, then he is telling you that he wants to be with you for a long time. When he shares his dreams and ambitions with you and connects them with yours, then it is clear that this guy adores you. He subconsciously is telling you that he is falling for you and that he sees you and him sharing a life together. The question is....what do you do about it?