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How has Information Age changed Dating

It used to be called courtship and it was made up of a few simple things. A man would express his intentions, the woman would return the feelings, and they would go on a series of "outings" to public places where they could get to know one another in what was deemed an appropriate setting. Such days are in the past, but dating was done this way not that long ago.

Moving forward, dating became more intimate. It was a private, one-on-one experience of face to face dates, romantic letters sent through the mail, secret trysts before the night got too late and thoughtful gifts. The role of family in dating used to be implicit because without cell phones and text messaging, dates began at the home, phone calls were held in the main room of the house where the family was, suitors were expected to meet the family before things got too serious, and Fathers gave their permission before an engagement was finalized. It was a time when being romantic, thoughtful and private took effort.

However, dating has left most of that behind with the appearance of email, free dating websites, and speed dating events. Dating is not what it once was, and the biggest contributor to that fact is the development of technology. There is abundance of free online dating sites like www.himherdating.net that provides access to profiles of thousands of local singles and personals looking for date, love and intimacy. The information age has made many things easier and more accessible, but without the need to try so hard, has technology taken the romance out of dating? Just how much has dating changed with the information age?

Dating is now done online

Online dating has never been as popular as it is today. Out of all of the information age developments, most will agree that online dating websites have changed dating the most. They connect you with people you would never have met otherwise. They make it easy to start conversations based on mutual interests and goals. They provide a safe place for you to put yourself out there romantically. It could be said that online dating has improved dating, but is dating less romantic because of it? I think the answer to that question depends on the person you are asking.

Dating Singles now flirt on the phone

There are, certainly, still lingering looks across a room and "accidental" touches that leave your hand tingling. Classic flirting techniques of the past have not gone out of style, but they have been joined by easier and less vulnerable ways to let your feelings about someone be known. Before I met my husband, I can recall countless moments of discussing a text message and its meaning with my girlfriends or sisters. "He put dot dot dot at the end of it. Does that mean he's flirting with me?" and none of us are guiltless in this, including me. It's much easier to be coy when you are not face to face with the person you are interested in. While that can take some of the intimacy out of dating, it's also exciting to be able to receive multiple, unexpected messages from your love interest throughout the day.

Social media websites are the new Dating venues

These days, we would rather know everything there is to know about a person beforehand than to discover everything there is to know about them by putting the time in. After all, opening yourself up to new people can be difficult. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms provide almost everything you would need to know about someone to decide if you like him or her before you even get to know them. Everything has sped up with the development of technology and that includes the timeline for dating. We want information now not later, and we don't want to waste our valuable time on someone who isn't "the one". The information age has made it so that we don't have to.

The first date is virtually non-existent

Forbes.com states that "Facebook has ruined the first date." First dates used to be for introductions, more or less. The simplest of questions such as, "How many siblings do you have?" are no longer questions that need to be asked. The author of "Hookup Handbook" to the Times put it into perspective when they said, "Online research makes the first date seem unnecessary, because it creates a false sense of intimacy." It's a shame that the excitement of the first date has been tainted with an overload of information gained too soon and without perspective.

Technology has opened us up to new, efficient ways of dating, but whether you are hurting or helping your romantic life by taking advantage of them is up to you.