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To Kiss or Not to Kiss Your Date

Kiss or Not to Kiss

It has been a rule not to kiss on the first date, but if the attraction is mutual then a sweet kiss is not a bad idea. Free online dating site www.himherdating.net has plenty of mature singles that share their dating endeavours on this topic of kissing on the first date. Read more about this and find online singles dating free, men looking for women and personals.

When going on a date, there are several preparations people do before actually going out. Of course there is wardrobe; what should you wear? You spend hours putting on and mix matching clothes until you find the best outfit for the date. You also spend time grooming yourself to look your very best. Showers or baths take longer than usual and other beauty regimens are done to make sure that you look good. There is also the choosing of the right perfume, the one that your special date will love. You also spend time planning the activities and places to go to for your special date. A little gift for the lady would also be a good start for the boys; flowers and chocolates perhaps? A little cheek to cheek as you say "Hi" from the girl would make a nice opening for the date too.

First date Jitters

If it's the first date, you want everything to be just perfect, otherwise it can be the first and last date you will have with that person. It is best to make sure there is no sexual tension between the two of you. Set your goals straight for the first date, and one of them shouldn't be "getting laid tonight." A first date is about getting to know each other and finding out if you two have what it takes to be in a relationship. You have to be at your best, but of course it is best to be yourself.

Avoid Sexual Tension on your Date

The boys should watch the movie "There's Something About Mary" where Ben Stiller was advised by his friend to "Clear the pipes" before going out on a date with Mary. That way he wouldn't be thinking of sex all throughout the date. See what he had to do, so that he can think like a girl and be more relaxed during the date. Well, you better see the movie to know what I mean. But in case you don't get to see it, my advice is for the boys to take it slow and try not to focus on the physical urges and try to get to know the girl first. Sexual tension on a date is when one of the pair or both man and woman feel the urge to get more intimate but unsure if it is too soon or the right time to get intimate. It has been a rule not to kiss on the first date, but when is it the right time to do so?

Kissing your Dating Partner

Kissing your date is actually no big deal for two mature and sensible individuals.If there is attraction, the feeling is mutual and both wanted to do so, then I don't see anything wrong about showing your affection with a kiss. Besides it is just another form of touch.

Read your Dating Partner

Still, a kiss can bring out wrong impressions about you if done too soon or if done in a too passionate way. Your date may assume that you kiss all your dates the same way or you are only interested in him or her for the sex. That is why you should always ask yourself, should I kiss my date goodnight or should I put that off for our next date?

When in doubt don't kiss your Dating Partner!

A kiss should be a result of mutual attraction. If you lean over for a kiss and your date backs away, then kissing him or her would not be a good idea at the time. On the other hand, if your date leans over for a kiss and you think it doesn't feel right to do so just yet, then don't. Remember, whenever and where ever there is doubt, don't! His or her body language would tell you if its time.

First Dating Kiss is Special

If the person you are dating is special and you think that she or he may be the right one for you, then your first kiss has to be special. It has to be that magical moment that is worth talking about on your wedding day...if it gets to that.

Good night Kiss after a Nice Date

A good night kiss after a nice date is okay. If you've never kissed before, the first one may be a bit awkward. If the girl stays by the door playing with her keys then she just might be waiting for the boy to kiss her. If the boy paces back and forth after saying good night, this may mean he is shy to initiate the kiss. Again, if the attraction is mutual then a sweet good night kiss is not a bad idea. Who knows, you just might be invited in for a cup of coffee, if you know what I mean.