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Reducing the Risk of Rejection

Reducing the Risk of Rejection

Any kind of rejection is painful, and romantic rejection is worst among them all. The totally free online dating site www.himherdating.net with input of its valued members composed a list of things to reduce the risk of rejection. There are thousands of single men, single women and personals dating free and sharing their dating experiences at www.himherdating.net to help you reduce the risk of romantic rejection.

Reasons of Romantic Rejection

The most prominent reason of romantic rejection is the status gap and interests gap. We generally desire partners, who are higher in status and attractiveness. Keep in mind love has to be from both sides, and to make it so we need to reduce the gap in status and desires. Because it is the gap in status and desires which leads to conflicts and hence rejection.

Prepare yourself for Dating

One has to be careful while looking for his/her soul mate. To be with some one as a life partner is a long time journey, do not take any hasty or lazy decision. To choose your mate, You should prepare yourself for dating, and commit to basic ideology.

Set your Dating Goals

  • Get prepared for dating. If you really want to succeed in finding a match for your self, be ready to commit to dating.
  • Believe in yourself. Be confident in what you do or say. This directly affects how you perform and the impression you make on others.
  • Set your dating goals, and approach dating accordingly. If you are more laid back and don't take dating seriously, then ask yourself some honest questions about why you are dating and what yo hope to achieve.

Stay upbeat for Dating

  • Be honest and realistic. Stay up-beat physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Focus your energy on positive thoughts. Surround yourself with positive people, who will support your dating aims.
  • Focus on yourself and being the most authentic you can be. When you are living authentically, you are more likely to attract an authentic match.

Look for Dating Chemistry

  • Don't over analyze your partner and your relationship. That will drain your energy and emotions. Just go with the flow, and clarity will come to you.
  • Look for chemistry not compatibility. You have good chemistry if it feels to be good together. Being together includes physical, emotional and spiritual togetherness.

Groom yourself for the Date

  • Groom yourself, buy new clothes, be in style. Making small changes can create big results and give you the confidence to behave differently and take more risks.
  • Get clutter free: emotionally and also get rid of unwanted things around you.
  • Treat yourself to a spa, or a good dinner. Try to create a positive ambience around you.

Meeting your Dating Partner

  • Decide on the details of the venue, the time, and so on. Find out if your date has any special dietary requirements and take those into consideration. Also determine whether you're going to meet at a certain location or travel there together.
  • Aim to be little early, or at least on time. Turing up 30 minutes late because you couldn't find a car parking space won't make feel very special and may get things off to a frosty start.
  • Start the date with a compliment to boost your date's confidence and set the tone for the evening. Compliments are a guaranteed effective way to make your date think you like them, and dates are much more likely to like people whom they think like them.

Be Honest to your Date

  • Being honest and presenting a reliable impression of yourself is vital on your first date, rather than trying to be what you guess your date's looking for. Building your relationship from a position of trust leads to a solid bond; false starts can create doubts that may be difficult or impossible to overcome.
  • Never take for guaranteed that somebody knows how you feel about them. To build a strong relationship, get into the habit of expressing yourself and telling that you love them.
  • Nobody is perfect, not even you, so give and take are important in a relationship. You just need to manage the things you find less desirable about them to keep your relationship ticking along nicely. It may not be a bad idea to have a discussion if something about your partner is bothering you.

Patience is the key for Dating

  • Be patient. Give the other person some time and space to respond. Dating is not a race, rather a journey. Make sure you enjoy every part of this journey.
  • In case things don't materialize, don't get disappointed. The way you handle rejection says a lot about you as a person. Remember, that rejection is not personal, it's just life's selection process. Whether you are doing the rejecting or are on the receiving side of it, it's part and parcel of dating. Instead be grateful that the other person has been honest and not left you hanging on expectancy for a relationship that was never going to materialize.