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Is Virtual Love possible

In this time and age where everything can be done online, anything is possible. You can go shopping without leaving your house. You can get a degree without going to an actual school. You can work from home and avoid the traffic and miscellaneous expenses of working in an actual office. All this is made possible by the space age technology called the internet. In a click of a button, you can have access to any information about anything or anyone. People of this generation cannot imagine a life without surfing the web.

Some say you can even find love on the internet. Well, this is proven by the success of the numerous online dating sites available and the thousands of people joining them day after day. These people are not just looking for a playmate because they are lonely. Most of them are looking for their soul-mate. They are looking for love. This brings us to the question...is virtual love possible?

What is love?

Of course, we have to be clear about the kind of love we are looking for, since there are so many definitions of this overused word. For a relationship to be considered "Virtual Love" it has to have that element where both parties want to be with the other someday. They feel that the other is the only one for them. They are in search of a soul-mate. It can be considered love when someone or both of them are willing to sacrifice just to keep their relationship alive. Even though you are apart, you know there is chemistry between the two of you.

Why is it called virtual?

Virtual is a term which means inanimate or not tangible. Virtual love is usually a long distance relationship. These may be two people who've met on online dating sites or introduced through friends who visited certain countries. However they have met, they communicate through the internet and get to know each other. In the process, they fall for each other and have a relationship. They pursue a long distance relationship and hope that one day they get to be together physically and consummate their love.

Happy Ever Cyber-afters

There are many true to life love stories told about virtual lovers who end up getting married eventually. There are some who claim to have found their happy ever after online. Not all people who meet online end up together, but there are many testimonies that prove that people can fall in love online. This is a new age of dating that brings people worlds apart closer than ever before.

Pros of Virtual love

Although you are apart from the one you love, there are advantages found in online dating compared to the traditional dating scenario. First of all, there is still a sense of freedom to do what you want. Your lover is not nearby and does not carry a 24 hour surveillance camera to know your every move from afar. So people who are in long distance relationships can still pursue their careers or studies without the common stress or pressure of a jealous lover. Since you both cannot meet each other for occasions and hand over a real gift, it is cheaper to send a virtual card or video greeting to your virtual lover. Lastly, you are not prone to unwanted pregnancy because there is no actual sex going on....yet.

Cons of Virtual love

Of course, after the pros there are cons. At times it gets tough keeping virtual love alive because it needs a great deal of trust from both sides. One cannot tell whether the other is being faithful or not and vice versa. Also, the lack of actual physical contact puts the couple at risk. Temptation is everywhere and sexual urges can make one or both of them wander into the arms of another person. Someone nearby is sure to take interest in you and would take advantage of a lonely lover wanting to fulfil his or her needs. The reason for many virtual love relationships to crash is the lack of intimacy. But for people who are truly in love, they find ways to make this work.

Virtual Love Sex

Well, virtual lovers are not totally celibates. Some admit to have either phone sex or tease each other on the webcam. For first time online lovers, this may sound kinky and weird. But after a while, it is somewhat fun and exciting. It gives the virtual lovers an idea of what each other expects from a sexual partner before the real thing. It also gives them the anticipation of being with each other someday and actually getting to do it. Try to find ways to look and feel sexy for your partner. Be his or her eye candy and temptation as you both express just how much you desire to be with each other.

How can Virtual Love Survive?

Love is the one thing that has brought you two together. But the glue that will keep it together is Honesty, Loyalty and Trust. Be honest about everything. It is not right for you to keep things from your virtual lover. If you are dishonest with him or her now, you will be too when you are together. Be loyal to your virtual love. You may look, but never touch others. Do not put yourself in situations where you may be vulnerable to temptation. If you really love your partner, you will wait for the time you are together. Lastly, don't go throwing accusations without proof. Not everyone has a keen sense of intuition. Most of the time, that jealousy you are feeling is just your fear and insecurity. Stop worrying and trust with all your heart. If he or she fails you...that's life. It happens. But there is no point in getting all worked up about something that is only a creation of your jealous imagination.