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One True Love

Many people believe that there is a perfect match for each and every one of us. These people go on a search for their soul mate or what they call their one true love. They carefully look for signs to know if the one they are dating is the one for them. Girls have their standards in finding Mr. Right. While men play the field until they find the one that will make them want to settle down. Still how can you tell if the one you are with now is your one true love?

You are different

For someone who has been in the dating game for some time, whether face to face or through online dating sites, it is easy to spot someone who is different from the rest of those you've dated before. This person makes you dress up nicer, or get up earlier than usual for a date. Somehow this person makes you feel like you are going on your very first date every time you go out. You get intrigued by this person because he or she has an effect on you. For once in your life you are not in control. This person moves you and makes you do things you don't usually do for a date. After a while you realize that this person is special and there may be something more to this blooming relationship.


For people who have fallen truly in love, they would agree with me when I say that one sign that you've found your one true love is when you feel "electricity" the very first time you touch. It is more than mere chemistry or attraction that somehow gives you a hint that it may be the real thing.

Magical Kiss

You may have kissed many people before, but there is that one kiss you will never forget. It is the magical kiss of your one true love. Just like in the movie "Enchanted" they emphasized the power of a true love's kiss. It may not bring sleeping beauty to life in the real world, but it awakens you and makes you realize that these are the only lips you would ever want to kiss.

Swan Theory

Science also has a theory about love based on the study of animals like the penguin or the swan. They only have one mate in their lifetime. No wonder Swans are the favorite decorations for cakes and ice sculptures at weddings. It symbolizes loyalty and a lifetime of being together. Based on the study on long term relationships, an experiment was done on long time couples. And according to it people can find a perfect match. There is a certain chemical produced in the brain whenever they see the one they love. And this change only happens for that particular person. Maybe in the near future this research can provide tests for couples who would want to know if their love is the one kind that lasts. But until then we just have to do things the traditional way.

Can't do Without

People who are truly in love cannot do without the other. When apart, they miss each other so much that they constantly find ways to communicate with each other. Especially for couples who met on online dating sites, moves will be made for them to meet and never be apart. When away from their love, everything they see reminds them of their sweetheart. People around them even begin to look like him or her. When you find yourself wanting to see or simply hear that person's voice every time you are apart, and then you find out he or she has been that same way too then you may have found your soul mate. The one that completes you.

Dreams of Tomorrow

When you find each other dreaming of a future together then you know that you both want to spend the rest of your lives together. All your plans and activities are beginning to be made to match the other so you will have time to be together. Dreams of having children and raising a family also start to fill your minds. Soon a proposal happens and you find yourself making wedding plans as you look ahead to growing old together.

Heart ache

One last sign that you've found your one true love is when it has been put to the test. You'll never know just how much a person means to you until you've lost him or her. Only the people you love can hurt you. Your one true love is the only one who can give you that unbearable heartache. It is the one person you will be willing to fight for just to win back. And when you do, you will do everything to never lose him or her again.