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Getting out of the Friendzone

Have you ever heard the line "Let's just be friends?" from someone you really like? It is the common line girls say to a nice guy who may not be her type. Well, some guys do stick around as a "friend" and hope that someday she may change her mind. In the process, he has to endure seeing her go on dates and even hang out with them at times. She begins asking him for advice and cries on his shoulder. Worse, he becomes the make believe boyfriend to make her ex jealous. Do you see yourself as that guy? Well mister, you are in what we call the friendzone. And if you keep on doing things the way you are now, you will never be more than a friend to her.

1. Get real

Most guys in the friendzone try too hard to be noticed or liked. It somehow looks like begging her to take notice of you by being a good friend. You make her see you as someone she needs and hope that maybe someday she will realize that she can't live without you. Well, get real! She has decided that she wants you in her life, but not in the romantic sense. So if you want to be more than what you are now to her, you have to make some changes.

2. Time for a cool change

If you want her to like you, you have to appeal to her basic senses. Let's start with the visual. It is a general rule that women like guys who are physically fit. You can start with improving your body. Go to the gym. Start eating healthy. Go to a salon and get the coolest haircut the stylist chooses for you. Clothing doesn't have to change drastically. Otherwise you will look like you are trying too hard. You will find yourself buying new clothes to match a sexier body. Do this not just to impress her. Do this for you to begin to feel good about yourself. The more you look good the more confident you feel. And that is the first step to this process.

3. Have fun with other people

You may have been focusing too much on one girl that you have forgotten how it is to flirt with other girls. As you develop a healthier lifestyle and a more confident look, you should also have a healthy social life. Go out on dates and meet new people. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. So have fun! Flirt with other women. Your girl "Friend" will notice this change and may even start feeling jealous when your once undivided attention for her is now beginning to wander off elsewhere.

4. Ask her out on a non-date

Now that you have been dating other women, she would begin to feel that you too see her only as a friend. She wouldn't mind accompanying you to pick up some DVDs or shop for a gift for your next date. These non-dates are opportunities for you to be with her alone. This way, you can move on to the next steps.

5. Flirt with her

Some subtle flirting can be introduced as you find ways to be alone with her. Although you are talking about other people, you can start making eye contact with her. Tease her and find ways to make her laugh. Each day spent together should end with both of you not wanting to leave each other's side. You do not have to tell her, but make her feel that you want her. Touch her with care. Brush off some dirt from her face. Hold her hand to assist her out of a car.

6. Communicate

Compliment her sincerely and watch for the signs.... the changes that may happen as your chemistry develops. Allow her to talk to you about everything. She may open up about the guys she has dated n the past. That's okay. You can talk to her about your dates too and be very honest about them. As friends you can even be quite graphic. That's where most of the funny stuff comes from. The more open you are to her, the more she will trust you.

7. Make your move

It doesn't happen to everyone. But to most guys, who have succeeded in following these steps, will know when to make a move. There will come a time when the occasional non-dates become more frequent. The casual hand holding to assist her develops to some casual hugging to greet you. Soon enough she would be more touchy and flirty with you too. In the end, just like in the movies, you will find yourself kissing her and the friendzone good bye…