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The Importance of Compatibility

Many people who join online dating sites usually take compatibility tests that help them choose whom they will pursue or entertain. They search for people who share their interests like their favourite sport, music, food, movie or anything they feel strongly about. Some even search by race, religion or social activities. They find it important that the person they date has a certain similarity to their hobbies, likes or even their views in life. This may help in the first few years of a relationship or as what Dr. Steve Hubball considers as the honeymoon stage of a relationship. But for a relationship to be successful, compatibility has to be more than just your favourite food or sport. It takes a great deal of understanding and acceptance of each other to make a relationship last. And being truly compatible is important in making a relationship last.

Written In the Stars

Astrology may seem silly to many people but if you look into it you will find the tendencies and descriptions of the people in each zodiac sign seem to match their personalities. According to compatibility expert Dr. Hubball it would be helpful in checking if you and your partner's zodiac signs are compatible. Look up your partner's zodiac sign and read about the descriptions for people in that sign. You may be surprised of how close the descriptions can get to your partner's personality. Of course, do not leave everything to astrology. Personality compatibility is important because it will determine your resilience to the blows of relationship problems. People who share similar personalities will be more understanding of each other because they think and feel the same way.

Dream Lover

Many of us may have wished upon a star for a dream lover. We want someone who would understand and accept the things we are passionate about. That is why there is a certain attraction between people who share the same sport or hobby. Many relationships develop during activities that two people share. According to experts, dating someone that has the same hobby or sport as you is actually a good idea. Your similar activities can be the glue that binds you. You both will have something more to do and talk about. You both will have something more to engage with than mere sex and romance.

Bedtime Stories

Many conservative and religious people wait until after marriage to have sex. But what they did not tend to consider is that sexual compatibility plays a vital role in the success of any marriage. Husbands and wives cheat or wander because their partners fail to satisfy them sexually. Sex may not be the most important thing in a relationship, but let us face it, sex is important in keeping both of you happy and monogamous. It is important to know what your partner wants in bed. You should also let your partner know your secret passions and desires. Do not be afraid to try new things.

The most important thing you have to learn is to never say no to have sex with your partner. No matter if you are not in the mood, find a way to get in the mood. Remember that the fact that your partner initiated it is because that is how he or she is feeling at the moment. If sexual desires are not satisfied at home, that is when people begin to get attracted to other people. This can lead to infidelity if you fail to gain compatibility in bed with your partner.

Better Understanding

Compatible people communicate better with each other. Sometimes the other knows what their partner is about to say even before they do so. This is because these people are so alike they begin to think alike. There is better understanding of each other with compatible couples compared to incompatible couples. It is important for a couple to have the same ideals and morals as well. They support each other because they both have the same stand with every issue that comes their way. They are also more honest with each other. Sometimes they become too honest though. They fight just like any normal couple. But since they are compatible, they easily forgive the other because they easily see themselves in each other's shoes.

Happy Together

They say chemistry is better than compatibility because of the attraction factor that comes with it. But according to Dr. Hubbal, compatibility can help make a relationship last longer rather than mere chemistry. Compatibility builds a certain trust and friendship between lovers that they can rely on when the romance factor gets in trouble. Compatible couples become friends and lovers as well, and that is the best kind of love. The sole purpose of having a relationship is to spend your life happily with someone you love. Compatibility is an important factor to ensure a happy life together.