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Kissing under Mistletoe

You know Christmas is just around the corner when the red and green decorations begin to fill the display windows in the mall. You begin to see Frostee the Snowman and Santa Claus everywhere. The colourful lights are hung and the Christmas tree becomes the focal point of ever household. Mostly, Christmas traditions have been dedicated to children. The gifts, the candies, the stockings and even Santa are all meant for the little ones. But there is one tradition that the grownups all enjoy and look forward to. The one decoration that every single man and woman looks out for is the mistletoe.

According to Tradition

It has been a long old tradition that when a woman is seen standing under mistletoe, the man near her has to kiss her. Each time a girl gets kissed under the mistletoe, the man picks one berry from the bush. When all berries have been picked, the men can no longer kiss any girl under that berryless mistletoe.

How to Kiss Under Mistletoe

What kind of kiss should a guy give a girl under mistletoe? Well, they never really said how or where you should kiss the girl under mistletoe. The man has to be creative and has to make it fun for everyone to watch. Of course, the guy should not forget to keep the respect for the lady. A guy has to observe if it is okay for the girl to get kissed. Observe too if she is the shy type or worse, she'd rather not be kissed. For girls whom you respect and wouldn't want to offend, you can go for the forehead, the cheek or the hand. For the kind of girl who does not believe in the tradition, it is best not to kiss her at all. The man will be the judge whether to kiss or not to kiss.

Now if by chance the girl you are attracted to finds herself under the mistletoe and you happen to be the one nearby. You will know if she like you, if you lean over and go half way to kiss her. If she goes the other half to kiss you then you've got it made.

Why We Kiss Under Mistletoe

There are many myths and stories behind the tradition of kissing under mistletoe. There is one derived from Greek Mythology. According to the myth, the god Baldr had troubling dreams of his death. Because of this, his mother, a goddess named Frigg ordered all living things and inanimate objects swear an oath not to hurt Baldr . In the story, the mistletoe was the only plant that did not receive this message. One day Baldr was killed by his brother, Hoor with a mistletoe projectile. Because of this, the goddess Frigg ordered all creatures to remember Baldr whenever they see mistletoe. They should swear to keep peace wherever this plant is hung. From this story, the tradition has evolved.

Early in history, when two fighting people find themselves under mistletoe, they have to delay their fight for a whole day. This gave the mistletoe its reputation as giver of peace and love. Through time, this tradition was made into the one we all know and practice today.

Should We Still Kiss Under Mistletoe?

In our modern times, some people begin to refuse to follow tradition. Something that once was considered sacred now is ridiculed and set aside. I'm sure most people don't even know about the berry plucking rule after the kiss. Still, I don't see any harm in doing something that has been passed on for hundreds of years. Besides, it adds to the fun of the season having a girl kissed under mistletoe while the people at the party cheer on. Of course, it is also exciting to find yourself under mistletoe with someone you've been attracted to for so long. Who knows, sparks might fly as you kiss and by the end of the night, you would be changing your Facebook status from "single" to "in a relationship".

When Not To Kiss Under Mistletoe

Of course, this tradition has been abused by some people through the years. There are those desperate women who hang the mistletoes themselves and deliberately stand under them when the guys they like pass by. The poor boys have no choice but to kiss her. On the other hand, girls should also be careful around boys who find mistletoe and stand around it to see which girls end up under it. These boys take advantage of the tradition and get to kiss many unwilling girls.

So as the Yuletide Season nears, and the kissing under mistletoe begins, watch out for those beautiful red berries. If not, you just might find yourself under one, and end up kissing someone soon.

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