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Member appreciation program

HimHerDating team is excited to announce the launch of the member appreciation program. Gift Pack

What it means to you

Every month gift cards worth 100s of dollars will be given to the members of Yes, there will be lucky draws every month. Prizes will be given on special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day.

Prize for the month of February.

$150 prize was drawn on Valentine's day, to celebrate the day of love. And the winer is: "Jayhawkjunky"


HimHerdating team wishes you happy Valentine's day. In the spirit of Valentine's day, the $150 prize is given to "Jayhawkjunky".

Upcoming Monthly prize.

A prize will be given to one of our members every month. You could be one of the lucky winners. All the members are eligible to win.

How it works

A member will be selected from a pool of eligible members, using a randomly generated algorithm. To be eligible the member must do the following:-

  1. Have a valid picture on his/her profile.
  2. Profile must be at least 80% complete.

HimHerDating team will contact the lucky winner via email to give the prize. We will post his/her picture on our dating site.

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Actions on you

  1. Load a picture.

    HimHerDating team requests you as a member to load your profile picture, so that you become eligible to win the prize.

    Do not underestimate the power of a good online photo. Although it may seem like a tiny part of your online dating profile, your profile photo can make the difference between having an inbox full of responses from prospective dates to having no choice at all! Did you know you are 6 times as likely to get your profile noticed when you have a good profile picture rather than if you do not? Its simply the best option to get the best response from other singles. A profile picture can say so many things about yourself! For instance a genuine smiling face speaks volumes about your character, it makes you appear more open and friendly and definitely more approachable.

    Chances are that if you choose not to post an online photo, you will not receive quality responses. Not only are we a visual species, we are also a cautious species. This will mean that people want to see your face in order to trust that your profile is genuine.

    Gift Pack
  2. Complete your dating profile

    HimHerDating team requests you as a member to complete at least 80% of your profile, so that you become eligible to win the prize.

    Your profile is the gateway to online dating. It’s your resume that describes the physical and emotional characteristics of you to the prospective singles, that are there looking for the perfect match. Sound profile management is very important in meeting potential desirable matches. Simple steps like checking your spelling, posting a good photo, and keeping the information concise and upbeat can be the difference between someone following up with you or clicking on someone else's profile.

  3. We will send an email to the winner, informing that s/he has won the prize. Make sure to reply to this email that is sent to you. If we don’t receive any reply from you within 2 weeks, you lose the prize.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with you.
Yours Sincerely, Team
Updated on February 15th, 2013

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