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HimHerDating.com is a free online dating site. We are proud to provide online dating services to men seeking women and women seeking men. Hundreds of singles join our free online dating site every day. Here we provide online dating articles and update our dating blog to address our members online dating related questions. We encourage you to join our 100% free online dating site if you have not become a member yet.

We do take action against spammers

Himherdating is a free dating website. The Free services we offer are available only to paid members on other dating sites, and we are proud of providing all these services to our members absolutely free.

We respect freedom of expression, but at the same time we will not allow any spammers to take advantage of our "unlimited communication with any member" service, and send spam messages to other members. To make it effective we need help from our members.

With support from our valued members like you, we have identified and deactivated such spammers on this site. A deactivated member can't send message to any other member and no member can send message to the deactivated member.

To give a fair trial, we will give 1 week notice to these deactivated members to clarify themselves. If good reasoning is not given for their actions, their profile will be completely removed from the site.

We want this site to be free of such fake members or spammers, and we will act strongly to uphold this statement.

We encourage you to report any spam message that you receive, so we can take appropriate action in a timely and effective manner. Our mission is to provide you a fun and enjoyable dating experience on www.himherdating.net

We also advise you to not share your personal information including your personal email address with any other member until you have communicated enough using himherdating site's secure messaging system.

Usually spammers share their email address in the very first message and also encourage you to share your email address. Beware of such messages and use himherdating site's block functionality to block a member.

We have launched the crackdown on fake profile pictures on www.himherdating.net site Here is the criteria used for determining a fake picture:-
  • - picture of a known personality.
  • - same picture being used by many members.
  • - picture found on scammer site.
  • - another member reported it as fake picture with enough proof

Why we are doing this: We want to provide best service to our members and make www.himherdating.net a fun and enjoyable singles dating site with real members. In the past we deleted such fake pictures, but they were reloaded again and again. Now, we are marking them as "Fake" right on the site and every member can see the picture marked as Fake.

If you find any member using fake pictures, please report it to us by sending email with the username of any such member at [email protected]. We promise you that action will be taken.

Deactivated members:-

To give a fair trial, we have given 1 week notice to these deactivated members to clarify themselves.

Some of those members are ....
  • Favourlove, bemylove1 , love4you , kiss
  • katebaby , sandra123 , Fathannas ,angeltreasure32
  • lovely5421 , sandy8282 , tom2255 , honestlady101
  • Miss_seeking517, lonelysandra ....

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