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Keys to Finding Mr Right

Dating Mr right

For the women of today, Mr Right is like a fictional character. They are already aware that no matter how good looking or perfect a man is at first sight, one way or the other there will come a time that his flaws will show and the ideals that he seemed to have could end up as a mere catch to get the girls hooked. This may sound pessimistic but "Happily Ever After" is never the end of the story but the beginning of the real life in a complicated world that a couple has to face. This is the part of the story that fairy tales don't tell you about.

Many go on searching for someone to love. No man is an island and we all yearn to belong to someone. Especially for women, age and dating is an issue so when they reach the age of 30, they get frantic in finding Mr. Right. A lot of women take their chances on online dating sites. These days you can browse through a guy's Facebook page and figure out his character, his likes and dislikes. You can easily look at his photos too and how he deals with other women. But of course, getting to know the person takes more than just browsing through his profile.

Meeting eligible and nice men these days is not as easy as it seems, even with the modern technologies that the best free dating sites offer. Some guys can design themselves so well at first but then end up as a total disappointment. By now you may be asking..."Is there really a Mr. Right?"

Mr Right is real and may be out there somewhere. Finding him is just a matter of looking at things at a different perspective. Just imagine Mr. Right in a secret safe and you need special keys to getting him out of the box. The team of experts at the free online dating site www.himherdating.net gives the recipe for that special key to all online singles dating free, women looking for men and single girls looking for date, love and romance.

Key #1: Realistic Expectations of Dating Partner

If you go out looking for Mr. Right and expect him to look like Brad Pitt, have an IQ of 160, be rich, famous, romantic and sensitive, then you just might end up being an old maid. Be more realistic with your expectations and criteria in choosing Mr. Right. I am not saying you have no chance in finding someone as handsome as a movie star, but come on! What are the odds?

Men just like women are made in different ways. You can't expect one guy to have all the traits you want for your Mr. Right. Keep your mind open to all possibilities. Whether there is a big age gap or may it be a love the second time around, do not close your doors. Who knows? The guy you might have been ignoring all these years just might be your perfect match.

Key #2: Love Chemistry with Dating Partner

You may have heard the cheesy line "You complete me." Well, one key to finding Mr. Right is chemistry. This works two ways. There are girls who get along with guys who are interested with the same things that they like. I have met couples who enjoy doing charity work together or serve in the church; and they seem to be happy. But sometimes, when two people in a relationship are in the same career, there seems to be a clash when one gets more achievements than the other. Especially in cases where the woman becomes more successful than the man, problems usually arise.

As the saying goes, "Opposites attract." Well, I think the rule applies to finding Mr. Right too. Find someone who compliments your weaknesses and can do things that you cannot do; and vice versa. This way, there is a certain respect and admiration for each other without the power clash.

Either way, the second key to finding Mr. Right is when you find a guy whom you are comfortable with and like spending time with. If you admire the person and he admires something about you too then there is potential there.

Key #3: Good Conversation with Dating Partner

Communication is important in any relationship. If you are looking for Mr. Right, it is not enough that you are comfortable with each other and have good chemistry. The third thing you have to look out for is, understanding between the two of you. Does he understand the things you tell him the very same way you meant it? Does he listen to you and look into your eyes when you speak? Is his conversation interesting? Is he sincere and not just flirting with you? If your answer is yes to all my questions then your Mr. Right candidate has scored another point.

Key #4: Signs of Love with Dating Partner

Of course the fourth key is the most important one and can actually be the only one that matters in the end, in finding Mr. Right. Even though the first three keys are there, without this last key then you cannot say that you've found Mr. Right.The final key is love. If you find yourself sleepless and cannot wait to see or hear from him again; if you feel electricity through your body whenever you touch; if you see his face everywhere even when he is not around...then you are most likely in love. But of course, to make him your Mr. Right, he has to feel the same way. Well, that's when the "Art of Flirting" comes in.